Tuna and Exotic Fish

Tuna and Exotic Fish

Fresh Tuna is a very exclusive delicacy, and a product our customers hold in high esteem.

Our Tuna is sourced from the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. The yellow fin tuna caught there is of an especially high quality, long-line fished, without by-catch and thus environmentally friendly. Depending on customer requirements, we offer whole tuna and various cuts thereof and quality grades.

Swordfish is another popular fish, enjoyed worldwide and available all year round. With its firm texture and light coloured flesh, it is especially delicious when barbecued.

We have several other exotic species of fish on offer; not only do these catch your eye, they are also quite delicious! We offer exceptional types of exotic fish, which we have flown in fresh to Germany several times a week ; fish such as Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, Grouper, to name but a few.

All fish is sustainably caught and processed by our partners for example in New Zealand, Malaysia or Japan, and prepared for transport to Germany. Our exotic fish range is available also in fillet form and can be delivered promptly and with care to its final destination