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Scottish Import Finefood GmbH has developed since its beginnings in 1992 to become a leading German importer and wholesaler for fish and seafood. Initially specialised in Scottish salmon, we now offer a complete range of fish, fresh and frozen, from all over the globe to our customers, based throughout Europe and well taken care of by our highly qualified staff. After more than twenty years we are still constantly working to improve our products and processes.

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Over the last two decades, since the founding of our company in 1992, we have developed our product range to cover all types of fresh, smoked and frozen fish.

Scottish salmon in all its diversity has always been our main focus, from fillets to smoked and gravad salmon. Our highly renowned Scottish partners and producers have enabled us over the years to enrich our product range with a selection of exclusive and high quality products.

Practically all types of fish and seafood, whether from fresh or salt water around the globe, are available to our customers. This includes redfish, catfish, monkfish, tuna, saithe, cod, pikeperch, halibut, trout and many more.

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Due to the ever increasing demand for fish, we are daily reminded of the responsibility we carry as an international importer and wholesaler.In order to ensure the supply of fish for future generations, we are committed to supporting responsible sourcing and handling of fish at all stages, from catch to plate.

We select solely business partners, who share the same values, thus guaranteeing protection of our oceans and sustainability of fish.Continual assessment of our company takes place by selected institutions who certify the commitment and responsibility we carry for future generations.