Our Products

Our Products

Over the last two decades, since the founding of our company in 1992, we have developed our product range to cover all types of fresh, smoked and frozen fish.

Scottish salmon in all its diversity has always been our main focus, from fillets to smoked and gravad salmon. Our highly renowned Scottish partners and producers have enabled us over the years to enrich our product range with a selection of exclusive and high quality products.

Practically all types of fish and seafood, whether from fresh or salt water around the globe, are available to our customers. This includes redfish, catfish, monkfish, tuna, saithe, cod, pikeperch, halibut, trout and many more.




Salmon and Salmon Fillet

Salmon and Salmon Fillet





As our company name suggests, Scottish Import has always placed its main focus of attention on salmon sourced in Scotland. Over the past two decades we have built up a diverse range of salmon products and consider ourselves in the meantime as specialists in this field.

Scottish salmon has an excellent reputation and is continuously recognised for its quality.

The Atlantic Ocean around Scotland’s coast has the reputation of having the cleanest water in Europe. With the water’s high oxygen level and strong currents, it is ideally suited to farm the salmon species “Salmo Salar”.

Besides the quantities of Scottish salmon our customers require dispatched daily from Scotland, we also import salmon from Norway, Ireland and the Faroes several times a week. This enables us to serve our customers reliably and to offer absolute freshness and dependable availability.

All quality grades of Scottish salmon are available at Scottish Import: Superior, Label Rouge, Global G.A.P., Bio/Naturland und ASC certified. By extending our product spectrum with regard to salmon and cooperating with carefully selected filleting partners, we are able to fulfill our customers’ individual requirements. We can produce daily on demand, whether it is the standard salmon fillets Trims A to E+, salmon portions or even loins. Filleting of the salmon takes place either directly in the country of origin or immediately upon arrival in Germany, which enables fast and flexible production on a daily basis.

A specialty we have on offer are our pre-rigor salmon fillets from Scotland and Norway: unsurpassed freshness, with filleting taking place shortly after harvesting, before rigor mortis sets in. This guarantees an excellent colouring and firm consistency, resulting in a truly premium quality!

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon from Scotland was where it all started back in 1992 and over twenty years later, it continues to be a top product in Scottish Import’s range. Scottish Import cooperates with several well reputed smokehouses and we enjoy exclusivity for several brands now available in Germany. It is with pride that we represent our partners and we look forward to working together for many years to come. As a result we are delighted to be able to offer our customers a large variety of smoked salmon products to suit most tastes and occasions; whether of Scottish, Irish or Norwegian origin.

Loch Fyne

Loch Fyne is our premium partner in Germany for top quality, premium Scottish products. Founded in 1978, Loch Fyne enjoys an international reputation of being a traditional Scottish salmon smokehouse, producing smoked salmon at its absolute finest! Other Loch Fyne products include exquisite oysters and mussels.

In April 2014 Loch Fyne was awarded the “Queen´s Award for Enterprise: International Trade“ by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. An exceptional honour in recognition of excellence.








Applications for this award are submitted to the prime minister by leading figures from industry, trade, government and unions. The final selection process however is carried out personally by HM Queen Elizabeth II, who then invites the recipients of this award to Buckingham Palace.

The art of smoking salmon at Loch Fyne lies in the experienced expertise and selection of only the finest ingredients. The freshly filleted salmon is dry-cured, given the time it needs, before being gently smoked over oakwood chips, from retired whisky casks. The result is a traditional style Scottish smoked salmon, delicately cured with a firm texture. Loch Fyne offers a variety of Scottish smoked salmon products, ranging from the traditional classic flavour to citrus and whisky marinated sides and packs. All recipes are well preserved secrets, but suffice to say, the whisky used is for the whisky marinated sides is a Glengoyne 21 year old Single Malt!

The top of the range product is however the equisite Kinglas Fillet; the centre cut taken from the crown of a Smoked Salmon ‘classic’ fillet.

Simply the finest!



The smokehouse Kenmare Select, situated on the windy southwest coast of Ireland truly understands the art of smoking and has done so now for over 20 years.

Back in 1990 Kenmare Select was awarded its first prize, of many to follow: the “Best Export Product“. The family run smokehouse sources Irish salmon from the deep and clear Atlantic waters around its coast and specialises in producing top quality and highly creative products, using various aromas to flavour.

Examples of this creativity are the Seaweed & Oak Smoked Salmon or the Herbal Marinated Smoked Salmon, both available from Scottish Import.



Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish




As freshness is our highest priority, we import our high quality fish daily from countries such as Scotland, Norway, Iceland or Greece.

Our customers all over Germany and Europe are able to order practically every type of fish from us whether from oceans, rivers or lakes wherever they may be situated around the world; from sea bream, turbot, ocean perch and trout, to seasonal products such as skrei, soused herring and spring plaice, also in fillet form if required.

Over and above salmon, Scotland and Norway additionally supply us with our weekly demand of monkfish, withing, catfish, oysters and crayfish. Icelandic fish is equally popular with our customers and is flown in daily to our distribution facilities. This product range includes cod, pollack, and plaice, to name but a few.

In order to serve our diverse customer base – from cash & carry markets to small fish shops – we also offer a comprehensive range of products packed in smaller units, thus guaranteeing flexibility and the customer a great choice of fresh fish, even if the volumes required are smaller.

As is the case with all our products, we select our fresh fish from suppliers with the same high quality standards. The same may be said for our reliable and competent storage facilities’ and logistic partners, with whom we have worked together with for many years.

Tuna and Exotic Fish

Tuna and Exotic Fish

Fresh Tuna is a very exclusive delicacy, and a product our customers hold in high esteem.

Our Tuna is sourced from the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. The yellow fin tuna caught there is of an especially high quality, long-line fished, without by-catch and thus environmentally friendly. Depending on customer requirements, we offer whole tuna and various cuts thereof and quality grades.

Swordfish is another popular fish, enjoyed worldwide and available all year round. With its firm texture and light coloured flesh, it is especially delicious when barbecued.

We have several other exotic species of fish on offer; not only do these catch your eye, they are also quite delicious! We offer exceptional types of exotic fish, which we have flown in fresh to Germany several times a week ; fish such as Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, Grouper, to name but a few.

All fish is sustainably caught and processed by our partners for example in New Zealand, Malaysia or Japan, and prepared for transport to Germany. Our exotic fish range is available also in fillet form and can be delivered promptly and with care to its final destination






The shellfish category is a favourite with our customers. Apart from popular products such as mussels, razor clams and prawns, we also supply our customers with a wide selection of quality products, such as oysters and lobsters.


Close cooperation with our Scottish partner Loch Fyne enables us to source numerous premium quality delicacies. Our Loch Fyne shellfish range includes e.g. prawns, mussels and scallops, all cultivated from sustainable aquaculture.

Loch Fyne’s company history however began with oyster farming and the cultivation today is just as natural and sustainable as it has always been in the past. The Loch Fyne Scottish oysters feed solely on the natural plankton with no additives implemented, so that one can speak of sustainable aquaculture in its purest form.

Apart from Scottish oysters, we also offer several other classics, such as French Fines de Claire, Irish rock oysters or English oysters from Morecambe Bay. Other popular products include mussels, cockles, vongole verace, etc., all of which are available fresh, daily and in various sizes and grades. To round off our assortment, we offer live Canadian and European lobsters, as well as numerous types of shrimp and other shellfish, whether fresh, frozen or in brine.

Frozen Fish

Frozen Fish

Over the last years we have developed our frozen fish business and have become an experienced and strong partner for our customers. Due to our flexible frozen transport logistics, we can serve customers, large and small, regardless of quantity.

We are a leading supplier in Germany for frozen smoked and gravad salmon. Our private label – Scottish Import Premium – guarantees a high standard product, reliable in quality and availability. We manage and supervise the complete production and processing of our frozen smoked and gravad salmon.

Looking for a private label product? For our corporate clients we offer this service, creating and developing a private label and product specifications to suit.

Other frozen products on offer to our customers include a selection of salmon products, including fillets and portions, halibut fillets, ocean perch, pike perch and prawns. We have a variety of these products in stock, however due to our supplier network, we can react quickly and efficiently should you have any exceptional requirements!







In order to serve our customers comprehensively, we have expanded our range of products to include seasonal articles and other products over and above the classic range of a fresh fish counter.

Smoked fish, such as various types of mackerel, rock salmon, sprat and kippers as well as other delicatessen products are available.

At Christmas and Easter the French made terrines, we have on offer such as Lobster-Whisky or Bretonian Crawfish, are extremely popular with our customers.

Over the past few years, we have also been able to establish and offer a small but exclusive range of beef and lamb products. We source all our meat from carefully selected producers. Our meat products include tenderloin, roast beef and Côte de Boeuf, all of the highest quality, animal friendly and sustainably reared.