Our History



It all began in September 1992 when Bernd Metzger founded Scottish Import Finefood GmbH, one of the first companies to promote Scottish salmon – in all its diversity – on the German market.

Sandra Metzger, born and raised in Scotland, came on board back in 1996 adding, a genuine twist to the Scottish in Scottish Import! Together for over more than two decades, they built up Scottish Import and established the company as one of the leading fish importers and wholesalers in Germany, proving their ability to adapt to changing market situations over the years, however consistently loyal to their traditional philosophy and values: Quality, Freshness, Service and Flexibility.

The focus in the initial years was on Scottish salmon in all its diversity; whole salmon gutted, salmon fillets, smoked and gravad salmon. Gradually, demand developed to include salmon from Ireland and Norway, as well as other products such as cod and monkfish.

As the company grew, the size of the sales team expanded and business with other products was introduced to include e.g. fish flown in from Iceland, fish caught in the Mediterranean and tuna from the Indian Ocean. Over the years Scottish Import has also established itself as one of the leading frozen fish suppliers within Germany, also serving Austria and Switzerland. Frozen products include smoked salmon, gravad salmon, salmon portions, salmon fillets and more recently halibut, redfish and king prawns, to name but a few.

We currently employ a young team of 13 highly qualified and motivated employees, dedicated to provide the best service possible to our customers, whether they be wholesalers, cash & carry markets, fish stores, mobile fish traders, smokehouses or catering companies.

Over 500 customers from all over Germany and Europe rely on us to supply them with almost any type of fish they should require; whether fresh water or salt water fish from oceans, lakes or rivers. These include redfish, catfish, monkfish, tuna, plaice, halibut, trout, and last but not least of course – salmon!